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Apple Might Launch iPhone 8 with Wireless Charging

It is expected that Apple is bringing wireless charging to iPhone 8 for the first time in 2017, as per Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple analyst (KGI Securities). The users of iPhone 8 will use a wireless charging system to charge the battery of phone instead of plugging in a cable just like Apple Watches.

All 2017 new iPhone models will likely support wireless charging, with Pegatron being the exclusive supplier of the wireless charger,” Kuo wrote in his note.

But Apple might not ship this wireless charger with its box. It is possible that users have to pay separately for it.

While we as yet cannot say for certain whether wireless charger will be bundled with all 2017 new iPhones, we think a certain bundling rate is likely next year, with increases to come in 2018. This is because Apple has made significant efforts in support of wireless charging for iPhone,” Kuo wrote.

Apple Might Launch iPhone 8 with Wireless Charging

In another note, Kuo hinted that Apple is planning to introduce a bezel-less OLED iPhone 8 along with two standard displays (4.7 and 5.5 inches) next year. All these three phones will come with the glass casings and with wireless charging.

He further shared that 5.5-inch model will not be high-end flagship; with OLED iPhone predicted to be technically superior to other two models.

The optical image stabilization would also be coming in both the telephoto and wide-range lens next year.

The current screen technology which is being used in iPhones is TFT-LCD while OLED is considered the next-generation screen technology with more accurate and deeper black colors.

The apple’s highest-end iPhone will come with a “new look” stemming from the virtual home button and fingerprint.

This OLED iPhone is assumed to be prepared to celebrate the 100th anniversary of revolutionary smartphones of Apple.

Stay tuned for more details and updates!

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