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iPhone 8 Launch Delayed: Is it Facing any Trouble in Its Making?

The iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition would reach the market much later than we all expected.

Typically, the company’s apple bite usually presents its new iPhone in the month of September but leaving its marketing for a few weeks later. For example, the iPhone 7 was introduced on September 7 and was released on September 16.

But in the case of the iPhone 8, it seems that Apple could delay its launch until the month of October or even November 2017.

The iPhone 8 chain production is having complications. From the Economic Daily News, they say that the launch of the iPhone 8 will be delayed due to complications in the production of the smartphone.

These complications can possibly be caused by the challenges presented by the new technology incorporated in the iPhone 8. Therefore, the reasons can be derived from diverse factors like the implementation of the wireless load, the improvements in the cameras, the facial recognition, the laser Autofocus, and OLED screens.

Filtration only indicates that Apple has “technical problems”. But from 9to5mac they are more inclined towards the problems in the lamination process of the OLED panels for the curved screen and by the adoption of the 3D sensors of the front camera of the device (facial recognition).

Although the rumors about the complications in the mass production of the iPhone usually arrive, but it seems that this year would be something much more serious since it has been speculating with the delay of the launch of the iPhone 8 for several months.

The only thing we know for sure is that the manufacturing of the Apple A11 chips for the iPhone 8 will start from this month. Do you think the iPhone 8 will arrive in September or will it be delayed until November?

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