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iOS 10.0.2 And Its Mind Blowing Features

In September, Apple Inc. confirmed the release date of iOS 10 for iPhone 6 and its other iOS 10 compatible devices, on September 13th the company rolled out the iOS 10 update around the world.

iOS 10 delivered new features and enhancements, but it also brought problems to the iPhone 6 and Apple’s other mobile devices. The latest operating system available now is iOS 10.0.2, which meant to address an issue occupied with the iPhone 7’s call audio. Before this, iOS 10.0.1 was released to address a security exploit brought to the attention of Apple.

Now iOS 10.0.2 is installed on more than two-thirds of the active iOS devices, twenty-seven days after the release of new iOS Mixpanel record iOS 10 adoptions topping 66% since Sunday.

As the iOS 10.0.2 release starting to settle, we want to give you a complete look at the most important features as owners of iOS device you need to know.

Message app has Built-in image search

Say goodbye to all of your GIF keyboard apps, because now you can find any animated image directly within the Messages app. While writing a message, tap on App Store icon, then swipe to the images page. Enter a category or a search term from the list.

You can also save data by sending small images.

ios 10.0.2 messaging

Siri is smarter now

Now you’ll be able to tell Siri things like, “Send a simple message saying I’ll be five minutes late.” It can be said a variety of ways, like “Tell Edward I’ll be five minutes late with WeChat,” and still understood by the now-smarter Siri.

Besides WeChat, Siri is ready for other chat apps, like WhatsApps and Slack, and ride-hailing services like Uber.


3D touch

Now you can use 3D Touch on the bottom row of app icons to invoke different actions. Pressing on the contact icon, for example, will give you three options: pressing on the weather icon provides you with the temperature of three separate location you selected: pressing on the timer icon will present predefined timer amounts.


Control centre

You might get confused, The first time you use Control Center in iOS 10. Swipe left, and bang, there’s your music controls. Again Swipe left, and boom, there’s shortcuts to your lights control through Apple’s Home app.


Lock + home screen

No more channeling through the home screen and layers of app menus to check required information. You don’t have to unlock your phone to do half of your daily tasks anymore. Replying to messages, accepting invitations or seeing where your Uber driver can all done from the lock screen.

lockscreen + home screen

Smarter Photos

Now with “advanced computer vision.” it’s  easier to organize photos. iOS 10 is going to make use of deep learning so that it can compete with Google Photos.

Memory is a new feature introduced by Apple which takes photos to the next level and supposed to remind you of life events by clustering together photos into categories according to trips, people, and topics.

smarter picture catagories

Despite all the infused broad search and facial recognition capabilities, Apple promises privacy protection.


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