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Will Instagram Notify The Users If You Take A Screenshot?

Yes, you heard that right! Instagram will now notify the users if you take a screenshot of their picture. While this story might be slightly true, it is also quite misleading. It caused quite a stir on social media for a past couple of days. Even the big media bodies like Esquire and Business Insider failed to give the true picture of the update. Instagram also failed to specify what was targeted in the screenshots. The following tweet is an example:

Instagram will indeed notify the users if someone has taken a screenshot, but only for the temporary photo and video sent through Instagram Direct. The temporary photo and video disappears once the recipient has seen the content. These messages can only be sent to people who have already approved messages from you and those who follow you. The disappearing feature is only available for the multimedia content and not for the messages.

According to experts, this feature might have been a product of necessity because of the ever-increasing Instagram’s plagiarism issues.

Now that the issue is cleared up, you can go back to play around on Instagram and take all the screenshots you want of your favourite images. It’s OK! Everyone does it! đŸ˜‰

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