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How To Identify Fake Shopping Android and iOS Apps ?

The New York Post and New York Times identified hundreds of fake shopping Android and iOS Apps in App Store of Apple. Google’s Play Store has the same problem. Most of these applications display annoying ads, but some of them have severe consequences.

How To Identify Fake Android Apps and iOS?

Some of these apps also have malware which can steal the personal information. But the scammers can also get benefit from the customers who enter information of their credit cards in these fake shopping Android and iOS Apps.

Below are the few tips which help you to identify the fake shopping Android and iOS Apps:

  • Check the publisher of the apps before entering any information. Although, scammers use the similar name such as Overstock Inc (Fake) and com (real).
  • Check reviews of the people on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The real applications have thousands of reviews (positive) while the fake ones have zero reviews.
  • Check the date of the publishing. The real apps have updated dates while the fake apps have recent publishing date. For instance, Overstock Inc was published on 26th October this year.
  • Check the spellings of the title and what is written in the description. Most of the fake apps are released in China so read carefully and check if the English do not look like the first language of the developer.
  • Be careful of those apps which offer discounts.
  • If you have any doubt about the app, visit the website of the store and check the icon or the button which reads “Get Our App.” It would take you to the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store where you can easily download the original Android App and iOS.

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