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HTC Bolt: Lacks the Special Spark (hands-on)

At this moment the HTC Bolt is a Sprint exclusive whose price is $600. So for that chunk of progress, you’re expecting something with an incredible screen, extraordinary camera, quick processor…right? Well on paper, it looks entirely great. It has a 5.5-inch display and Android Nougat 7.0.

The camera takes RAW photographs if you need them and it has a pro mode. Improved audio sounds great out of the included earbuds, and you can add another profile if you use another pair of earphones. The HTC Bolt is water resistance (IP57), and it runs on Sprint’s improved LTE network (LTE-A) with great download speed.

So far so good, but you need to be wary of some things if you want to buy this phone.  HTC is always awesome in its design, but I do not like this phone. It is like a pointed shingle: wide, flat and pokey. It back heats up during charging or when its processors work hard.

HTC Bolt: Lack of That Special Spark (hands-on)

The camera takes good photos which can be used everywhere and anywhere, yet there is a perceptible blue cast to some of them, and some selfies turned out looking a little grayer than they ought to. HTC Bolt disposed of the audio speakers that graced the top and the bottom of the phone face, and I miss that blasting, party-starting bass.

Another important thing to be noted is that HTC Bolt follows the led trend of iPhone 7 to rip out the audio jack whiling giving the headphones with USB-C attachment instead. It means you would not be able to charge while listening to the podcasts.

After spending few minutes on giving a critical review of HTC Bolt as per my experience, I must say that it is not at all an awful smartphone. It is a good phone, but it is little pricey for it offers.

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