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How to save battery on your Android Phone

Latest Smartphones are coming in different shapes and forms; loaded with heavy interface and graphics. But all those  amazing graphics will cutback your battery life sooner than later. Android now a days in market are well equipped with many applications as well as powerful batteries, but an average android phone lasts for about 12 to 14 hours of battery timing. With Almond and LED display these devices look attractive and handy when it comes to work and socializing. One of the most common issue with these smart phones is that they usually lack good battery timing. There is not much in the market to actually help you guys in this matter, but there are some hacks that can make your Android phone battery last a bit longer.

So here is the trick, follow these steps and get a guaranteed 5 to 6 hours of extension in daily battery timing.


Black Wallpapers 

If you guys are using a phone with ALMOND display you should use a black wallpaper. It will help increase the battery timing. The reason behind  is that more battery is consumed to light up more colors in the displayed pixels. So using a black wallpaper will surely increase some battery time.

Turn Of Google Hotword 

Many of us most of the time let our phones stay open for google to help us. Like Google Talk and Google voice search, these features might come handy most of the time but at the cost of your precious battery time, so whenever you think your phone will be idle for next 4 to 6 hours, you can turn these features off and save some battery.

Hotspot and WiFi

Hostspot, wife and data connections almost consume 50 percent of your battery timing. So whenever you think you are not using them just close all the active connections. Many phones don’t even last for 10 hours, if wifi or hotspot connections are kept active. This is one of the major issues of low battery signs on our Android phones.

how to turn off wifi on android

Background applications 

Many of you are not aware of the fact that your applications keep running for a certain time even after they are closed down. Other application using network connections also keep on running and they also consume your data package.You can limit the background data by simply going in settings.

There are plenty of applications also available which can do these tasks for you in just one tap. So here are some honorable mentions.

how to close background application on android


It’s a good application available to all the users of Android Marshmallow. This application can help you out in cleaning the background data and keeps on closing unnecessary application running in the background. Now you can adjust your phone with your own sleeping hours. Your phone will sleep as you doze off and it will only lose 3 to 4  percent of your battery.


Notification and vibration control

Unnecessary notification and a constant vibration can put your phone to sleep in matter of hours. Removing unwanted applications from the notification list and putting your phone off the vibration mode can increase significant time of your battery.

Brightness & Color scheme

As mentioned earlier, if you use a colorful display with bright screen, your phone will drain most of the battery in less time. Keep your screen brightness up to the point where you can easily see the contents. Also don’t forget to use a simple theme with just single color.


Auto Sync Trap 

Most of the applications on your phone receive update after a month or less, so why always keep your phone on Auto sync mode? You don’t have to be synced 24×7 so just go to your drop down menu and tap the auto sync button if it’s turned on. Do not worry about the updates, you can still get them when you manually open and refresh them.

These tips and tricks can help you save more battery and more time. So stay cool and stay tuned for more amazing updates.

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