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How to Recover lost data from your Android Phone

This is something we have all  done before and we will keep on doing it again and again. Yes I am talking about the data loss that we do accidentally. Sometimes we do it on purpose and sometimes by accident, and some times a little kid who we think is only playing game on our phone do this for us.  No worries guys, we now have the situation under control. Living in a world full of amazing hardware and software, now we should not worry about the data loss. As a famous hardware creator said that “Data once created can never be destroyed” we can recover it some how in some shape.

Here is the step by step guide to recover your data.

There are many application available in the market which can help you in this matter but only few can be trusted in terms of privacy and data protection. Today we will talk about only two of the most trusted data retrievers, so lets get started.

Mobikin Doctor for Androd

Here is the catch, you can easily recover all of your data from your cell phone. Dosen’t matter it was deleted way back or just now. This app can help you recover your data with full security and privacy. It has an amazing feature of putting everything back in the same format in the same directory once recovered.

Download MobiKin Doctor for Android

This application is very effective in terms of reliability and effectiveness. You can use it on more then 2000 android devices including all the main stream android brands. This application can give you list of categories that you are recovering. This is how you can save lots of time and you can also exclude unnecessary data as well. Mobikin Doctor is a top-notch recovery tool that allows you to scan the entire device. Viewing can help you see all the data in your phone and it also provides you options to backup what you need to recover.

Download MobiKin Doctor for Android

FonePaw Android Data Recovery

This application has a very simple and unique interface. It help its users to navigate easily through the data that needs to be recovered. It can recover almost every thing, from call logs, contact, pictures and videos.

This is a hight end application that can work on many platforms and devices. Just download this application from the link below and start recovering your data. This application can provide you data recovery with full security and it has been trusted by millions around the world.

Download FonePaw Android Data Recovery

Download FonePaw Android Data Recovery

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