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How to Install Launcher on Android Phone

One of the main advantages of Android is the enormous capacity of customization it offers. Not only depending on one ‘s view of the operating system with the phone manufacturer but you yourself can change vital parts of the system in order to change its appearance and behavior completely.
One of these key components is undoubtedly is the launcher. Your phone already comes with one installed, but that does not mean you should stick with it forever. A simple search for “launcher” in Google Play will give you an idea of the available items out there. The problem is to choose one that is good and suits what you’re looking for.

What is a Launcher and how to install it :

The launcher is one of the key applications for Android that you can replace yourself. As the name suggests, it is the first application that you see when you start the system and through which “spears” other applications.
Launchers generally consist of screens where to place icons and widgets, a lower bar- the dock – where to set frequently used applications and application drawer with all installed applications. There is also pitchers that mimic the behavior of iOS and have no application drawer but show all the applications on the home screen.

how to install launcher

A different launcher can completely change the look of a mobile, but we must remember that their scope is limited. For example, different styles and icons that are applied in the launcher not apply for example in Android settings or notifications panel. Install a launcher is no different than installing any other application. Once you’ve found one you like or want to try, download it from Google Play and install it.

The only difference is that you must set it as the default launcher for the system to use each time the system is started or pressing the Home button. The easiest way is to press the Home button. If you just installed another pitcher, it is normal that the system asks you what you want to use launcher. If not, you can try to open the launcher manually or go to Android Settings, paragraph Default Applications . If you have a choice, choose your favorite pitcher in the appropriate section.

how to install launcher

Things to consider when choosing a launcher

There are hundreds and hundreds of launchers on Google Play, so it is increasingly difficult to separate the chaff from the wheat. The reason is that the pitcher is a key application that gives the developer a certain preferential situation on the phone. It is always open, has the potential to gain important information on using the phone capacity and you can try to sell the bike to install other applications of the house.
It is for this reason that we must be watchful eye something not to fall into one of these pitchers install not really know where they come from and that can not be excluded that have some hidden agenda . Luckily there are a number of decent pitchers and legit out there.

how to install launcher

There is no perfect pitcher in both that everyone has their own tastes and demands . Those who comes from iOS probably prefer an experience application drawer, while others give more weight to the amount of customization options or transitions between screens they are “funky”. In any case, these are the points to consider when choosing a pitcher:

• Price: Not all pitchers are created equal. The is absolutely free, paid, free but with limited features to the Pro version and free but include advertising or give you the tab area to install other applications.

• Appearance : A pitcher can change greatly the appearance of the phone by packs of icons, themes and wallpapers. Some also get creative with transitions to switch windows.

• Application drawer : Does the launcher application drawer or displays all on the home page? Most often the first, but lately there are also who gives you to choose which mode you like best.

• Folders: Although it seems a basic function, developers often do not spend too much time perfecting it . If you are interested folders, make sure they are working properly, they are attractive to the eye and not made heavy use.

• Widgets : There are few things more typical Android widgets, but some pitchers integrate them better than others. For example, some allow resize widgets or include exclusive widgets, while more original pitchers do without them or limit them to a separate window.

Hope you find this tutorial helpful. Do let us know about your views in the comments.

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