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How to get your Android notification on your windows PC

The new Anniversary update for window 10 that arrived recently can now provide you an android assistant. If you are still using the old version you can download and install new update using our guide.
So if you are using an updated Anniversary version of windows 10, you have to download and install Cortana App on you android. This app is also available on Apple I-Phones but they don’t work that well with Apple devices. I think Apple do not support fancy stuff like that. After installing the app on your phone, you can get almost all notifications through you Windows 10 action center. There are many options available for you to use, for example you can check your notification, app updates and even low battery is also notified to you on your PC. Now you can fully control your mobile phone through your laptop or PC.
Cortana is a very intelligent application which can find your device quickly with a voice command and get you connected.
Now follow these steps carefully so I can walk you through the process of installation and configuration.

Steps to follow

  • First of all you have to download Cortana App form Google Play store. This App is only available for US users but we all know we can get it anyway. So if you are not a US user you can download it from here
  • Now open it and login through your Windows account

Cortana app

  • Here are four different type of notification that can be synchronized, you can select each one to customize

Cortana app

  • Now here are three options that are already On, if you select the forth one there will be another menu popping out, here you can select each application that you need to synchronized.

cortana settings

  • Now go to your PC and open Cortana App setting now click SEND NOTIFICATION BETWEEN DEVICES. This option should be On on both devices, in order to receive notification on your PC.

    android notification on window
    Hope you find this tutorial a great help, Stay tuned for more amazing news, reviews and amazing stuff. We will be happy to see your feedback in comments.

Cheers ……..smile

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Samantha @ BMRT

Thanks! anyways, android can deal with notifications already. wonder why on PC its not turned on automatically.

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