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How To Get Better At FPS Aiming

To become an expert shooter player, you have to have a firm grip on mouse and learning skills. People like me who keep playing MMO games like Skyforge for a long time feel really out of practice when to move back to FPS games. Such practices make the player either indulge in playing console games or else they face barriers in using the smooth movement of hand while shooting the target.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is my recent crush and after playing it for some time, I realized that if I were to tackle social interactions, hacking, and combat, I had to get better at using the mouse. The only chance that I could point and use my fly gun to reach above the competitive mode was full-on training which was not possible without accurate aim.

As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect’, so I decided to search for the tips and tricks of improving my aim, which is just as demanding as concentrating on the approaching nemesis. So I have searched out some improving skills to help you out in this scenario.

Fetch the Right Gear

A light-weight Mouse

Skills are of no use if the gear is incompatible and you fail to make the right choice of it. Now when aiming the two vital gears of a player are surely the mouse pad and the mouse itself. Fortunately, the innovation in the mouse has touched the point where a rodent can be caught without disrupting your bank account. When getting a suitable mouse, you should consider the stated aspects; button layout, DPI capabilities, and weight. Lighter mice are recommended by the professional gamers. Specifically for the FPS, quick movements by a light-weight mouse and a couple of thumb buttons will do the job.

Also, the minimum the response time the better and quicker you can get the headshots as it gives you more time to reflex. You may find about the best gaming mice in our previous article.

An appropriate Mouse Pad

The best companion of a good gaming mouse pad can be none other than a huge-surfaced mouse pad that gets fixed to the desk and gives minimum friction when moving the mouse. In the midst of an intense fight, the lesser would be the friction between the mouse and the mouse pad the better you would be able to move around and hit your target.

Adjust your Posture

So it comes out that getting a good gear and skills are not the only requirements when improving your aim, you also need to fix your body position as well. As per my experience and the claims of some other gamers, holding the mouse at odd angles can numb the fingers or yield cramps, which definitely affect the hand movement. While playing, fingertip grip, claw, and palm are the major points to pay attention. However, you need to sit as per your comfort. Adjusting your posture to the level of the screen or putting your arm a bit further on the desk may help. Various infographs may help you out in this context, however; the fixture of the mouse depending on the size of your hand is the thing here.

Alter your Mouse’s Sensitivity Settings

Surely mouse response and sensitivity are the focal points in regards of FPS aiming, yet by just adhering to it will not make you an expert shooter; you also need to adjust your sensitivity settings that would give hand over an ample control of the mouse.

Not all the mice do well with higher DPI; some might even turn out to be a mere disappointment as you increase your DPI settings. Doing so might convert the small hand movements into hard-to-tackle, big cursor movements. Rather than getting nervous about the choice of right game settings and DPI settings, go for the most comfortable DPI settings in the Windows and then load up for the right aim.

A low sensitivity setting prizes you with controlled brief movements, however, make you put more effort in controlling the mouse at the elbow point. It’s better to adjust setting in the DPI range of 400-800 and then regulate the sensitivity. But on a large high-resolution screen, the better suitable DPI setting might turn out to be around 1000s.

Sudden changes in the sensitivity might mess up your whole game not to mention your muscle memory. Try to stay consistent and only change the settings after a span of failing performance.

Here is a simple rule; if you find yourself undershooting, simply turn your sensitivity level a bit up until you feel fine, similarly if you feel like overshooting, turn down your sensitivity.

Gaming Sense and Techniques

Now we all know the basic two types aiming, Flick shots and Tracking. Flick shots deal with flipping the crosshairs at the target and then going back to a neutral position; this aim is used for single-shot weaponries. The other type is ‘Tracking’ which makes the player keep the crosshair pointed at the target the whole time, most useful for automatic weapons. But getting perfect at aiming is regardless of any of these types. It is highly recommended by the pros that you keep your crosshair pointed at the enemy when encountered. This will save the trouble of reacting every time which usually results in missing the target. And when not fighting, keep the crosshair in the corner from where the enemy is most expected to come.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Now that everything is decided and you find yourself in the ready mood to play, practice your muscle memory. People think that browser games help them get in practice and improve their muscle memory but the thing is that these games only work on your reflexes. So the best practice is, of course, practicing the in-game aim. You first should point your crosshair at a point before moving. When attacking, practice movements that you make in a firefight all the while keeping the crosshair pointed at a specific point. This is what trains your muscle memory.

So this is it, keep practicing and do send us your feedback!

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