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How To Create A System Restore Point In Windows 7

Nothing is worse than facing a system malfunction and fearing the loss of personal data in your Windows 7 PC. Thankfully, Windows 7 comes with lots of back-up options where you can save your PC from crashing and saving your personal data. One of these methods is to create the system restore point.

System Restore Point can be used to recover system malfunctions. This feature first came in Windows ME and has been included in all the versions of Windows released ever since. System Restore Points reverts back the state of the Windows 7 PC to that of a previous point in time. The main focus during reverting back to a previous state is on the system files, system settings, Windows registry, drivers and installed applications. System Restore Point feature is turned off in Windows 10 by default and must be turned on by the users themselves.

While the system keep making the restore points automatically, the users may also create them manually. Restore Points can also be discarded to keep the volume usage under control. The System Restore back up certain file extensions which include .exe, .dll, etc.

Here’s how you can create a System Restore Point manually:

  1. Click on the Start menu and type “Create Restore Point”.


2) The System Properties dialogue box will open up. Click the Create button while having the C: disk selected:


3) Type in the name you want to choose for the restore point:


It may take few minutes (depending on the size of data) for the restore point to be created.


Viola! If something ever goes wrong with your Windows 7, you can always go back in time when the System Restore Point was created.

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