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Having Problem In Antivirus Selection? Well, the solution is here!

Times of surfing on laptops and PC’s are long gone , now we use smartphones for surfing but while doing so we expose our devices to major risks. To overcome this problem we have loads of antivirus software out there, but the million dollar question is “Are they gonna work?“.

Here at techloonies we decided to take a look at the top 3 antivirus apps for android devices.

AVAST! mobile security and antivirus


Avast! is one of the best antivirus application out there. Considering a free app, Avast! mobile security and antivirus offers loads of tools. It automatically scans your installed apps as well as contents of memory card . it gives you the anti-theft feature; this is a hidden feature which allows you to control your smartphones using SMS. Call blocker is another feature of Avast!. Its free version gives you all the functionality that you can expect from a premium version.

So is Avast! going to affect the usability of your device ? NO! Avast! is a user-friendly app, which has no impact on the performance of the device and also has no affect on the battery life.

According to AV-Test report 2016, Avast! mobile security and antivirus is a good option with an overall detection rate of 99.5 percent


AVIRA antivirus security


We are talking about antivirus and not gonnah mention Avira? No that’s not gonna happen. Avira allows you to scan and upgrade the installed apps automatically .It has a batch of tools for anti-theft (protect from device theft and unwanted calls and enables you to remotely track, lock , and wipe a lost device) and identity safeguard tells you whether your email account has been leaked or compromised.

Avira comes in both free and premium version . A free version comes with all the basic feature that are enough for a user, but if you want better support and more regular updates, you should go for a premium version.

According to the AV-Test result, 2016 Avira antivirus security 4.5 has the detection rate of 99.8 percent, which is pretty convincing for a user to install Avira.


360 mobile security


360 mobile security is my personal favorite and the best malware protection app anyone can found on app store.

360 mobile security was developed by Qihoo ; a software powerhouse in China. With the detection rate of 100 percent according to AV-Test 360 takes always the top positon since its launch.


360 comes with many features including app management devices, memory booster for RAM , app locker, and junk file cleaner. Since the last update some new features are added like anti-theft tools (you can remotely lock, locate and wipe sensitive information from your device) and locate tools (it places the marker on google maps indicating the cellphone’s position).

On the whole AVAST! mobile security and antivirus , AVIRA and 360 mobile security gives the best usability and protection to users , but as they say “there is always room for improvement.”

This is all for today, stay tuned, there I a lot more to come for the techloonies out there!

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Vera Lolita (@LolitaSola)

LEO Privacy the best security app ever. I have been using it for past 1.5 years. Anti-theft and Privacy Album are my favorite features. Great to secure your phone.

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