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Google Will Show The Election Results Once Polls Close

Google has announced its plans to show the election results of the United States directly in the search in more than 30 languages once the polls will close. The company has been involved in connecting the voters of United States to information during the election cycle by offering the assistance in voter registration and the information about polling place in the result pages of its search.

According to Google, The people who search for “election result” will be able to see the detailed information of the Presidential, Congressional, Gubernatorial, and Senatorial races as well as state-level referenda and the ballot plans.

Google will update the election results every 30 seconds as shown in the screenshot which is shared by Google on the official blog post and it is detailing new features. The tabs on the top will allow people to switch between different races such as Senate and President House. It will also show the required vote for the win of the candidates, and it will also tell about the seats of the Senate and House which are left to be grabbed. The gif below shows the election results which are going to be displayed by Google.

Google Is Going To Show Election Results As Soon As Polls Close

The information is displayed in a format which is easy-to-read, with Republicans in red and Democratic in blue and simple graphs with a key number.

As Google has offered assistance tools for a voter in past election, but this time the company has stepped up its role in this recent cycle with the rollout of mobile tools and the web which helped people in finding how to vote and register, where to find their polling station, who is on the ballot, etc. This is also available in the Spanish language.

Google has involved voters in its homepage ads on Google.com site. Today, it is running a banner on top of the Gmail which offers to display people where to vote, and this something which has not done in past years. Google Doodle is used to remind the people about the election.

The results of the election will be displayed as soon the polls close. Google also says that there will be live streaming of election news on YouTube through the channels by PBS, NBC, Bloomberg, MTV, The Young Turks and Telemundo, and many others. The company said that almost 20 million viewers had watched the debate live streaming on the site.

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