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Google All Set To Build Its Own Chrome Ad Blocker

Google has just dropped in the most shocking and overwhelming news for its users, the one which most of us would never have imagined of. Google is making plans to build a Google Chrome Ad Blocker. The ad blocker would be default switch on and will be available for all the gadgets supporting Chrome.

Now those of us who know how marketing works, must be thinking what is Google actually up to? It is a known fact the Chrome has its empire built on more than 50 % of the browsing market, and by letting consumer block the ads would prove the last nail in the coffin. But don’t take Google so light. The genius behind the ad blocker is that it is not going block the Google ads but will aim the tool at the “unacceptable ads”. The source of this news is Coalition for Better Ads which has Facebook and Google as its members.

Of course, rather than blocking only the offensive ads, Google has the authority to block every ad that doesn’t comply with the set rules. This would, apparently, put a halt to the activities of the websites of posting unacceptable or acceptable ads.

This can be taken as a defensive move by Google. More people are going to the ad blocking tools and with the keen auto-updating ability and vast browser market share, the Chrome ad blocker is going to become a hit. By making this move Google is going to take over its competitors (offering unacceptable ads), the ad-blocking market and even the whole ad industry. Third-party ad blockers like Adblock plus; generates revenue by charging money for the displayed ads while Google also knows the tricks-of-the-trade in this respect. By running its own ad-blocking tool might cut down the charges paid to the third-party ad-blockers, all the while making counter-intuitive tool.




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