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Google Play Store has Revealed New Pricing Options

Android software of Google powers almost nine out of ten smartphones in the world, and now Google is in the hope of its app store to do the same. The company is making changes to the Google Play Store, the online marketplace where people can easily download games and apps. According to Google, company is working on a big push at hooking in the customers in the emerging markets.

The new update is about how users can pay for the services that are available on Google Play Store such as app developers can select different promotional prices for the subscriptions. For example, offering a deal for one dollar for a month for just a few months, before bouncing it up to the normal subscription charges.

Google Play Store has Revealed New Pricing Options

Google has also publicized its efforts to offer an easier service for the people in the emerging markets to pay for the stuff on Google Play Store.  The company has extended its feature “direct carrier billing” as per vice president of the product management for Google Play Store. The price of the games and app from Play Store will be displayed on the phone bill of the users instead of being paid by a credit card.

This feature was introduced in 2010 and was added in new markets such as Kuwait, Malaysia, and Vietnam. And now almost six hundred million people can use this feature. Vice president said in an email, “As the next billion users come online, many with little or no access to credit cards, we want to help deliver the best payments experience for both developers and consumers.”

Apple, the biggest competitor in the business of smartphone software, made many changes to its App Store for iPhone at the start of this year. Its updates include changes in the subscriptions and trying to assure that the applications get approved quickly.

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