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Google Play Store Is offering End Of The Year Sale On Paid Games

I must admit that good games with enhanced graphics always come with a price tag on Google Play Store. And most of them are actually pricey. Well, the good news for all those looking for some discount on these games is that Google Play is offering year-end-sale up to 90% on its paid games.

If you visit your Google Play Store now and check the games section, you will come across discounts on a number of games. Some are sold with a discount as high as 90% discount. However, the discount offers cannot be found on a single page rather they can be searched randomly.

Following are some of the good discounted games that I would suggest you. I personally find these games interesting and addictive. However, your recommendations are always welcome in the comment section.

Some of these games are an amazing turn-based puzzle game in solidified diorama-style set pieces, in which you will have to strategically make every move while others are turn-base role playing the game.

  1. Hitman GO – $0. 99
  2. Final Fantasy VI – $9. 99
  3. Republique — $1.29
  4. Prune — $1.29
  5. Skater — $0.99
  6. Crashlands — $2.69
  7. Kingdom Rush Frontiers — $1.29
  8. Goat Simulator Waste of Space — $1.39
  9. ChronoTrigger — $6.99
  10. Secret of Mana — $4.59
  11. Machinarium — $1.29
  12. Octodad: Dadliest Catch — $1.39
  13. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 –$1.39
  14. The Room Three — $1.19
  15. Attack the Light — $1.29
  16. Fruit Ninja — $0.99
  17. Scribblenauts Unlimited — $1.29
  18. Deus Ex GO – Puzzle Challenge — $0.99
  19. This War of Mine — $1.99

So enjoy these amazing games before the deals end since these deals are offered for a limited time. You might install them by clicking on these links directly.









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