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Google Pixel XL vs. iPhone 7Plus: Video Quality Shootout

The Google Pixel XL has left behind iPhone 7Plus in phone photography while edging out iPhone 7 Plus according to CNET’s estimation but it has different results with videography. The team of CNET spent several hours to find out the result, and they are of the view that on the whole, iPhone 7 Plus captured better video as compared to Google Pixel XL.

iPhone 7Plus has the advantages of image stabilization, color, contrast, sharpness, zoom and low-light shooting.

The Google Pixel XL offers two identical cameras and image processing. The auto-focus feature of Google Pixel XL is faster, and it keeps nice exposure while iPhone goes overboard with the brightness. Google Pixel XL has easily beaten the iPhone 7Plus when it comes to slow-motion video with the sharper imagery.

The first iPhone could not shoot video, and it is unthinkable today even with the low-end phones. In this era of Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, mobile video is very important, even if one is not sharing it. The video is a key in recording the precious moments of ones life. So Google Pixel XL requires us to pay heed to the video quality.

It cannot be considered the final judgment. Google Pixel XL’s videography and photography include extensive image processing, involving its HDR+ technology used for the photos. As there is no HDR+ for the video, but Google offers camera application software updates in order to deal the shortcomings of Pixel.


iPhone 7Plus is overexposed at the time and forehead and cheeks are glaring white in the sun while Pixel XL handles exposure in a better way.

Google Pixel XL vs. iPhone 7Plus: Video Quality Shootout


IPhone7Plus selects pleasing and warm tones. Both cameras are reasonable in good lighting, and its colors are vibrant but natural while Pixel XL’ skin tone has a yellowish cast. It shows people too orange under the warm-hued indoor light.

Google Pixel XL vs. iPhone 7Plus: Video Quality Shootout


iPhone 7Plus won here because of its six-element design while Pixel XL is usually adequate.


Pixel XL has snappy autofocus, particularly during slow-motion shooting.

Google Pixel XL vs. iPhone 7Plus: Video Quality Shootout

Low-Light Conditions

Although Pixel XL has 60 % larger pixels than iPhone 7Plus, it does not give better shoot in low-light conditions while iPhone 7Plus has given the Google Pixel XL a drubbing.

Front Camera

Google Pixel XL is good in keeping focus and exposing faces, but sometimes, it struggles with the back-lit faces. However, iPhone is good with skin tones and shows lifelike degree as compared to Pixel XL.

4K Video

The Pixel XL is nicely exposed for this resolution, but iPhone has defeated it in sharpness.

It can be said that iPhone 7 Plus defeated Google Pixel XL in the video, but a software update is expected which will help Google to catch up.

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