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Google Pixel Camera Got The Highest Score By DxOMark Mobile

By releasing five hardware products, Google showed the world that they’re doubling down on their efforts to seen as a hardware company.

Google just rolled out its two new smartphones, the Pixel, and the Pixel XL which said to have the best smartphone cameras ever, with a 12-megapixel sensor, and electronic image stabilisation. According to DxOMark Mobile, the camera has scored 89, the highest score for any smartphone on DXOMark.

Traditionally, the iPhone’s camera has been better than pretty much every Android camera out there — mostly because of its better algorithms and imaging sensor. If the camera on the Pixel is as good as it seems to be, that means Apple is in big trouble.


The primary camera uses large 1.55-micron pixels, which helps it to capture more light.  A f/2.0 aperture lens has a relatively small opening, letting less light in it. Front facing camera have an 8MP camera, which is better than a lot of other the 5MP selfie cameras that we have seen on many Androids. The Google Pixel has an HDR in its camera. It should allow a decent quality in low-light settings.

4K video is also here, and we’re interested to see how it turns out next to theSamsung Galaxy S7 and LG V20, since both those phones feature powerful steady shot technology. Google showed a demo of it working flawlessly, of course.

You buy the Google Pixel; you get free and unlimited full-resolution storage of your photos and videos on Google’s servers. Never again will your phone pop-up saying you’ve run out of storage. It’s a compelling package, especially for an iPhone owner who’s paying $10/month for iCloud.

The package sounds very promising on paper, and indeed, Google claims that the camera accomplished in action. In fact, Google revealed that the Pixel’s camera had received the highest rating, ever from DxOMark Mobile for a smartphone camera. The sensor rated at 89 points and overtook the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the Sony Xperia X, and the HTC 10  Performance, all of them have scored 88 points. The Apple iPhone 7’s camera have given a rating of 86 points by DxOMark Mobile which is same as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and lastly, Google’s second most powerful smartphone after the Pixel and Pixel XL – the Google Nexus 6P – scores 84 points in the camera department.

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