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Here Is Why Google Pixel Is The Best Android Phone Ever

You might have heard about the Google Pixel camera recently getting the best score by DxOMark Mobile. In this article, we’ll tell you why the Google Pixel is different from the other Android phones and what makes it the best Android phone ever!

It is very easy to switch from iPhone to Google Pixel


Google Pixel comes with a special adapter which can be used to plug the phone directly into the iPhone. Once connected, you can easily share the photos, contacts, files, music and other stuff from the iPhone to the Pixel phone. Quite an awesome strategy for targeting the iPhone lovers!

Google Pixel’s in-built customer service



The Pixel phone comes with a pre-loaded application that allows you to call or chat with Google’s customer support representative. This service is available 24/7. You may even share your screen with the experts so that they can guide you much better during problems.

Google Pixel gets the Android update as soon as it is available

Android phones have a bad history when it comes to getting timely updates. This happens because the phone manufacturers have to modify their own software to accommodate the Android update.

Fortunately, the Google Pixel is guaranteed to get the fresh Android updates as soon as they are available. That is a great news for anyone who likes to stay ahead in the game of having the coolest gadgets/apps!

Google Assistant


Google Assistant is to Pixel what Siri is to iPhone. It is a digital helper which is capable of following voice commands. Currently, Pixel is the only phone with a smart Google Assistant.

Unlimited Storage for Photos and Videos

All you need is an internet connection and a Google account and Voila! Every video and photo that you’ll take with your phone will go to the Google Photos storage. You’ll never have to worry about losing your media files again.

No extra software

The operating system of most of the Android phones is modified by the manufacturers who make the phones. This causes various problems including bad user interface and slow performance because of the extra load on the software. The Pixel phone is free of all this extra junk and comes with clean and important apps provided by Google.


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