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Google has started to bring Android app on ChromeBooks

Google already announced their intention to make Chrome OS that can support Android applications. As proof of this Google Play, they launched Chromebooks for developers, moving a step forward to prepare the ground for extending it to other users.  After a few months, Google Play reached the stable channel and Chrome OS beta version in its v53.0.2785.129 is launched for Acer Chromebook R11 and Asus Chromebook Flip. However, this is not enough, because Google has announced that by the end of the year more devices could be added to those already mentioned and almost every brand will be able to have the Chrome OS.

android apps on Chromebook

The arrival of Google play to chrome OS obviously means that holders of such Chromebooks can download, install and run any application from play store  (without having an emulator), but we must also take into account that many of apps are not made to run on a laptop. The arrival of Google Play Store to chrome OS is opening the door to the variety of applications that can be used by the Chromebook users. It also encourages developers to create apps that are wearable both as a touch screen in a portable.



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