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Google and Apple are Copying Design of Samsung

Since the departure of the first Samsung Galaxy S, it has been said that Samsung is copying the design of Apple iPhone. Even Apple itself took the Korean manufacturer to court for violating several patents. However, this seems to be changing; now Apple and Google are the ones that could copy Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8+ are about to go on sale, are two high-end terminals that carry the latest hardware inside. The two devices feature a Super AMOLED curved display that has virtually no frames.

According to several rumors, both Apple and Google are planning to copy Samsung in the design of its new terminals. At first, Apple could launch a 10th anniversary iPhone 8; it would be in the fall. The supposed iPhone 8 would stand out for its AMOLED curved display and a new design.

Google plans to launch the second generation of the Pixel family. Those in Mountain View would also have thought to put on sale a cell phone with a curved display. For now all this is rumors, but when the river sounds, water carries. We will see what they surprise us with.


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