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Google Allo Messenger Now available on Google Play Store

Google Allo Chat hit the market Last Wednesday, but because of its staggered release we had to wait until today so that everyone can now download the application from Google Play officially. Allo is the new attempt by Google to try to conquer a good piece of cake that both resists in the field of messaging services, where WhatsApp is the undisputed king so far. Google’s new proposal to deal with WhatsApp is an intelligent messaging application that only requires our phone number to check in and start writing with our contacts. Google Allo is smart because it will allow us to answer messages without typing any word with smart answers and thanks to Google assistant, it can get answers to our questions without us leaving the conversation. At the moment both functions are only in English, but will soon be available in more languages.

google allo
Google Allo also allows us to shout or whisper changing the size of our message; we can express our creativity scribbles and text in pictures we send. It gives us the ability to maintain our privacy safe with the incognito mode. Google Allo Chat allows us to share pictures, animated GIFs, videos, voice notes, locations and fun stickers. In addition, we can create groups of up to 256 participants.

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