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Google Allo is the best messenger ever created

Are you bored, and none of your friends have responded to your message? Have you opened WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and have made scroll up and down, into old conversations that mean you are not having a good day. That’s because these are applications that are useless if your friends do not cooperate, but if you talk about Allo then it’s a whole new story. Allo is here and now you can download it from Google Play Store. Wondering if it will overcome WhatsApp in the future? Not sure about the future but I am sure it will give its users a very exciting time. I have personally my doubts, but do not worry; there is one thing in which Allo exceeds WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and LINE,: the ‘single player’ mode or the ability to entertain chatting without having someone to chat.

No friends? No problem!

Google Allo messenger

A messaging and communication application is only useful when you have someone online to chat with. The ZapsterBlaster Messenger is great and has revolutionary features but how can you use it any of your friends hardly have an account on it. This is one of the main barriers to the entry of new applications in our digital life, and why many people still use an application that is technically considered worse.  Allo happens more or less the same, with one difference: although no one uses it, but you can always have chat with your own assistant which is surely the Google assistant. You probably think that this perspective is a bit sad and gives you a notion of selfishness…… and you’re right, but wait, Google Assistant can do much more for you to give you conversation. Desperate times require desperate measures, and all your contacts when you are bored of your social networks and the games that you have installed, Allo will be there to entertain you.


Google Allo messenger

Allo presents four categories of games: chat games, quizzes, games and classic games draw. A total of 17 games for the moment, although it is likely to increase in the future. The list includes classics like Solitaire, PAC-MAN or the Rubik’s cube.


Google Allo messenger

Mini-games man not the only think that can keep you entertained, Google’s Allo chat also dares with the jokes. All you have to do is to ask. I will not come to appreciate the quality of the jokes included, but the truth is that the level was pretty low, considering the attempts of other attendees :-p.

Poems and stories

google allo

If you are more of poems jokes, no problem, Assistant has a good selection of them too. You may also ask it for a story to sleep, although it seems that for now only one known.  If none of the above does alleviate your boredom, do not give up, you still have the option to ask the wizard that will entertain you plain and simple. Write ‘entertain me’ or ‘random fun’ Wizard will launch random and fun including jokes, trivia, funny videos, riddles, proverbs and famous quotations. If that doesn’t work you should better see a doctor I think………!






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