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Google Allo Complete Review

After several months of waiting Google Allo is here, the new intelligent messaging application. It has already begun to reach our devices with a staggered release on Google Play Store. You can download the APK and it is also available on the Google Play Store.

Allo is the most serious bet Google have to compete against the dictatorship of WhatsApp owned by Facebook. After several attempts in recent years, Google is now successful in developing an intelligent messaging application that stands out in its integrated personal assistant.

Simple registration

Allo needs to succeed users, many users, and for the first time, Google launched a messaging application in which you do not need Google account. Check in is as easy as in WhatsApp, it is our phone number. After receiving a code by SMS you can now use this new messaging service. A bad think that can be considered as a negative point that is we can only use Allo in a single device.

Connect your Google Account

As said earlier Allo does not take account of Google, but you will be linked automatically to offer a more personalized experience. With the information in your Google account and have better suggestions, Google Wizard can check your schedule, travel, and more personal information. We can always disassociate ourselves from the settings if we want to.

Simple and easy to use design

Google Allo offers a messaging application very easy to use in a very minimalist interface. In the main view we all open chat next to the button to create a new conversation, either a private chat a group chat, a secret conversation or you can also talk to the Google Assistant bot.

Google Allo messenger

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of its main features. We can talk to it with a natural language, either from your chat window or from any conversation mentioning @google in each of your questions. We can ask Google anything from inconsequential things like name, where you live, how old you are etc etc … you can also ask it for funny things like tell jokes, poems or games, or already do more productive things and it can also do things like set the alarm , warn your events, learn about news, billboard, weather, sports results of anything you can think of. Now it only works in English, but will soon be in many other languages.

Smart answers

Available in English only now you can find new intelligent answers. Google Allo will suggest answers to messages and images we receive, so you do not have to write anything. Allo identify everything which you receive in the messages and what is in the photos and learn our personal style to provide answers and suggestions that we would if we had to write.

Allo Incognito

Allo allows us secretly chat with our contacts through his incognito mode , which stands out with its end to end encryption and our messages may also have an expiry so that it is vanashed when you are done. By default, they are removed on time, but we can adjust it to 5s, 10s, 1m, 1h, 1 day, 1 week or disable expiry as well. Your sender can only read the message during the time you have selected.

Google Allo messenger

Groups of up to 256 participants

Allo groups do not have any limitations. Allo groups can manage as much as 256 people maximum, and we can add a name and image to them as well.

google allo

Read Receipts

Google Allo informs us whether a message has been sent, delivered or read through these icons:

To view the time of a message we have to press on sandwich. In groups, only double check reading will appear when all participants have read the message. To know that members have read our message we must do the same as we do in WhatsApp, select it then tap the information icon.

Google Allo allows us to share pictures, animated GIFs, videos, stickers, voice memos and location. The application offers a wide variety of stickers to add to our conversations, some of them are animated. By default there are three p downloaded stickers packages in your browser but you can download more than 26 packages of stickers for free.


Allo allows us to send creative photos and adding a text doodles painting just before sending. This editor is very basic, with just a brush and seven colors and a type of text that can only resize and position, no rotate or change color. Google is now working on it to add some more fun.

Google Allo messenger

Voice notes

If you are a lover of voice WhatsApp memos, then you’ll be pleased to know that Google Allo are the same, with a long press on the microphone you record your note and loose to send or slide to the left to cancel.

google allo voice note

Shouts or whispers

Another important novelty of Allo is that you can shout or whisper changing the size of your messages and emoji when sending. With a long press on the send button you can change the size of your message.

google allo

Some of your options

This is the very first version so it is very basic and has the most basic options, such as deleting or forwarding messages, including multimedia files. It also allows us to mute conversations, change the tone notifications for each contact, search, and block contacts, empty history or see the details of the chat.

Personalize settings

Finally, in the settings you will find the option to disable automatic downloading of media files; untie Google account, and set sounds and notifications.

google allo

Download Google Allo APK 

With all the amazing features we hope this application rules the android social media market. For more updates and amazing reviews stay tuned and stay connected. smile







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