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Google Allo and Duo Integration Problem

The two communication applications of Google this year, Allo and Duo, are now available for download. One simplifies video calling, and the other makes use of Google assistant to enhance your conversations with the “mind” of Google. However, something goes wrong with the whole thing. Google Duo does not allow you to send any text message to your contacts, and Google Allo does not allow you to make video calls. The most logical thing is that both applications be integrated just as some do Facebook with Facebook Messenger, but this integration for our confusion was not present at the launch. Now we have done a complete review of both applications we have come to know about the problem.


An integration that makes sense

Both Allo and Duo run via our telephone numbers, both yours and that of your contacts, so the contact list in both applications (exceptions apart from the Message Preview) should technically be the same. Therefore it should not be too difficult to make a video call through a button on Allo via Duo or write text messages via Allo and a call from Duo.
We have the Google engineer Justin Uberti, who is very active on Twitter talking about Allo and Duo, collecting feedback and advising us behind the scenes . In one of these tweets answer the question of “Allo need buttons for calls and video calls. It would be great if you guys could link it up with Duo.”

That makes sense, and so it looks like someone with the power to make decisions are two very important points, although the list of requests from the community to improve Allo is so extensive that everything will depend on the resources and the importance to be given to this integration to see it sooner or later. Justin Uberti himself personally congratulated those who understood that Allo is a version 1.0 that will improve a few days ago.


Still, on the subject of integration, it should be noted that neither Allo and Duo are integrated into Google contact API, so you can start chats or video calls from the contact information, same as WhatsApp or Skype.

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