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How To Get Free Gigabytes on iPhone Storage?

iPhone storage has always been at a premium, particularly when it has an entry-level model with 16 GB. There is no such user who does not know the trouble of downloading a new application and seeing this dreaded “not enough storage” message.

You have possibly heard about the usual apps such as “free up space,” but trust me you have not heard about this new one. It is just like a magic trick, which will fill you with pleasure while making you angry at Apple.

You just need to try the following steps in order to get the magical results:

Step 1: Click on the “Setting” and then “General,” then click “About” for seeing how much space is left. Note as the “Before” number.

How To Get Free Gigabytes on iPhone Storage?

Step 2: Go to the iTunes Store App, then click on the movies, and find the large titles. “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” is the best choice at 5.98GB. Click on the Rent button two times and keep in mind that you would not end up renting it actually.

Step 3: When you get the message that “not enough space available,” tap the “Settings,” go to “General,” then “About,” here you will see additional available space of almost two hundred megabytes.

Step 4: Repeat this procedure from step 2! Each time, you would get an extra chunk of free space. Keep on repeating the process till you acquire the required free iPhone storage. This is first tested on the iPhone 5C.

Alas! When I repeated this several time, did not get more space. But we can check on Reddit under this topic; there are many users who claimed to get gigabytes of iPhone storage.

Let me suggest you try this trick and comment with your results!

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