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A Gaming Laptop: Samsung Notebook Odyssey 15

No doubt, Samsung has been producing pretty killer laptops since long, including Notebook 9 series. It is strange that the company has not made a full gaming laptop yet. But this time, at the CES 2017, company is launching a full-on gaming laptop called Notebook Odyssey 15 and Notebook Odyssey 17.


These are 15 and 17 inches laptops. These have a totally new look which is very simple Samsung laptop line, which has a bold backlit icon on its back, an angular embellished outline around its touchpad, and a multicolored keyboard with lights.

Its bottom panel becomes visible when you flip it over. The Notebook Odyssey has a series of the cooling vent through its bottom in the crosshatch pattern. The company has given it a name “hexaflow vent” design.


Apart from the design, Notebook Odyssey is a standard gaming laptop for the current-gen. Notebook Odyssey 15 is 15 inches, 5.5 pounds, and offers Nvidia GeForce 1050 GPU that is basically used as a typical graphic chip for the new games with full HD resolution and high detail settings.

It is not enough for the VR, for which one will need a step-up Nvidia 1060. The Notebook Odyssey 17 is 8.3 pounds, but its CPU is not locked yet. Hopefully, it will be a Nvidia 1080 or 1070, which are top of the line for laptops.

Notebook Odyssey 15 and 17 have a standard screen resolution of 1920×1080. Although, some of the gaming laptops go higher that these, but the antiglare screens of Notebook Odyssey 15 and 17 are more suitable for gaming.

And very interestingly, this Notebook Odyssey has joined Legion, a new gaming line of Lenovo, in bold names for the gaming laptop brands. Legion can also go with this Odyssey since it had warning Omen.


Samsung has not revealed the price of these laptops yet, but we can expect it in coming spring.


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