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Forget iPhone 7, check out the new10th anniversary iPhone

Apple has just launched iPhone 7, but next year is special. Next year is going to be the 10-year anniversary of iPhone, and according to rumors, Apple is going to redesign its most outstanding product radically.

There is too much time towards the release of new iPhone; We already hear many things are going to come including some innovations. As the rumor says, third iPhone model is going to have a larger screen resurface, and may have a frame made of steel and glass.


Let’s take a look at all the rumors we hear about new iPhone.

Is it going to be called an “S” version of iPhone 7?

There are rumors that claim Apple is going to skip the “S” model this year, and in 2017 going to jump directly from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 8.

MacRumors spotted a report from an analyst, in his report he says:

“there might be no ‘S’ cycle in 2017. Our conversations with industry participants suggest Apple could skip the ‘S’ cycle next year and instead jump to iPhone 8.”

The home button is invisible.

The reports say that the iPhone will not have a home button, at least not a physical one. Apple is going to make the home button, which also houses the fingerprint sensor invisible, by embedding it into the front glass panel.

Apple blogger John Gruber stated, “the Touch ID sensor will somehow integrate into the display.”

No borders, The front surface will be all display.

Gruber claims he has heard that the iPhone 8 looks completely different from iPhone 7 it’s front won’t have any borders or bezels, and it’ll have one large screen.

John Gruber stated:The entire face will be the screen.The speaker and all the sensors will somehow be behind the screen. The front-facing camera will also somehow embedded in the display.”

Wireless charging.

Most recently, on September 9 a patent submitted by Apple shows the company is still looking for the optimization of wireless charging solutions.


The iPhone 8 is said to have the massive redesign as it carries an all glass body, Touch ID, and edge to edge display with the cameras present in it.

A report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who often accurately predicts new Apple products and features, says that the iPhone 8’s body will build by the glass.


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