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How to Fix Common Wi-Fi Problems?

Wi-Fi and the internet have improved over the past several years. The speeds of the data are quite fast, and wireless connections are reliable. However, you encounter Wi-Fi Problems quite frequently.

When you set up a home network, you face some of the common Wi-Fi Problem. Here are some solutions to fix those problems:

Slow Connection

In spite of the faster speeds which are reaching most of the home around the world, a wireless connection can easily get bogged down. If your Wi-Fi connection is working, but it is slow, then there is a logical explanation which can be fixed.

Cause: One of the most obvious Wi-Fi Problems is being far from the router. The more far you are from the router, the more unreliable is the connection.

Fix: You just need to get closer to the router to fix this problem. If the router is in the other room, go to that room and see if it fixes that problem. If the problem persists, put the router in a higher place and away from all other devices which have the possibility to interfere with it. Place the router at the center of the home.

If the Wi-Fi Problems still exist, try to buy another router and powerline network adapters set to expand the network.

Cause: Another cause of Wi-Fi Problems is the lack of the bandwidth. If more people are using phone, computers, data hungry games/application and televisions, then the internet is shared across many devices, and it is spread thin which cause slow internet.

Fix: Disconnect all those devices that are currently not in use. If more people are watching videos on Netflix and YouTube while someone is playing an online game, you can connect one or two devices directly to the router while using Cat-5 ethernet cable.

There is another possibility that you do not have a fast internet speed to support all the devices. It is also possible that someone from your nearby is also leeching off your internet. You need to setup security for the network and give it a password to fix such Wi-Fi Problems.


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