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How To Find Polling Place And Ballot Through Google?

Your vote matters and history proves this fact. There are only 25 days left to US Presidential Election, and it’s time for you to brace yourselves to get a glance at your polling place and ballot information for this election. Google has made it easier for you to find your polling place and ballot information.

Throughout this summer, Google helped you to find information about how to register and how to vote. Now, as the election is approaching, Google wants you to make sure that you know who is on your ballot and where to vote when you get to the polling place.

“who’s on my ballot” will help you find information about the candidates from President to the Vice President, to Congressperson and County Commissioner, as well as all the information about your state’s referenda. You just have to tap on the name of the candidate from your ballot in order to get information about them, including their website and party.

How To Find Polling Place And Ballot Through Google?

Google makes sure that you find the information which you need as there are many polling places which are popping up across your town. If you want to vote early or on November 8 in person, you just need to search “where to vote” and Google will show you a polling place location finder and the voting ID requirements.

How To Find Polling Place And Ballot Through Google?

You can also find this important information in Google Search as Google is opening this information to many other organizations for free such as Twitter, Uber, Hotels.com, and Expedia to nonprofit organizations such as The Voting Information Project of Pew Charitable Trusts, TurboVote Challenge of Democracy Works, and the organizations of all sizes and shapes can also use this information. Google Civic Information API is creating a tool which will get the information to as many voters possible.

I hope this feature will help you get your desired information. Value your vote.

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