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Feeling Too Lazy To Read Tweets? Alexa Is Here To Rescue

Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo is a smart hands-free speaker developed by Amazon. You can control Alexa with your voice. Alexa work as an assistant and is always ready to play your favorite music read news, answer questions, create lists and much more


With the collaboration of Amazon, Twitter just launched an app for Amazon voice platform Alexa. Twitter says that this app gives you general information from your account. To enjoy this new feature, you have to authenticate your Twitter account.

How are you going to launch this app? First, connect your device with Alexa, authorise it to get access to your Twitter account and say “Alexa or Echo, open Twitter.”


It seems that you cannot dictate your tweets yet, but Alexa can read your timeline to you. You can also ask Alexa for your mention, retweets, and likes. This app can also provide more general information from Twitter like the current trends or local trends. To enjoy Alexa app properly, you have to learn the ways to call for these tasks that only Alexa will understand.

For example: “Alexa, ask Twitter for my mentions” or “Alexa, ask Twitter for my tweets.”


You can’t assume that every app is perfect, with all the pros there is also cons. The ability of Alexa to able to receive and split out the information for everyone on Twitter is in question.

Despite all good and bad features of Twitter Alexa app, we all wish that Twitter should come up with a feature that would allow us to edit our tweets, instead of rolling out new ways to hear our tweets aloud so let anyone eavesdrop.

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