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How to Factory Reset the Google Home?

Google Home at the home screen helps people to get a bit more out of their Chromcast, television, and other devices of smart-home.

One can sling the content to his/her television or just adjust the temperature with his/her voice. People can ask questions and carry a conversation with their connected speakers.

But if they mess up during the process of setup, what would happen? In most of the cases, they can simply correct the mistake within the application. People can also give an appropriate name to the device by opening Google Home application, tapping device icon in the upper-right side or in the sidebar and by selecting their Google Home if they misnamed it. They can also connect it to different Wi-Fi network or Google account.

If there are constant issues like persistent disconnecting, one may want to do factory date reset to start from the scratch. Here is the procedure:

Resetting the Google Home

There is a reset button in several modern devices, and with Chromecast, there is always a reset button. Normally, one can also find a Chromcast setting menu within the application while tapping the button of action overflow in the upper right and then select the Factory Reset.

But there is no factory reset or the action overflow button in the Google Home. Instead of resetting the it through a factory reset, press and then hold the Microphone On/Off button on the back of its speaker for almost 15 seconds. Google Home would notify that it is about to reset. It will take the person back to the factory setting if he/she holds it continuously.

How to Factory Reset the Google Home?

After the completion of speaker rebooting, go through the process of setup one more time and start asking queries and issuing the commands.

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