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Facebook’s Events App Is A Step Towards Reconnecting People

Facebook Events app is a recent release by Facebook to keep a tab on the nearby events of users’ interest and concern. So what may have led to the creation of an updating app? Stats show that 100 million Facebook users access Facebook events on daily average while 650 million are into it from round the world. Facebook has eased the pain of searching for the likable and most searchable events for the users. Now spending quality times with your friends and syncing meet ups is easier than ever before.

The app is available for iOS users in the United States, however, an Android version will soon be available. An additional feature of the Events App is the integration with the iOS Calendar app which has simplified tracking parties, conferences, and concerts that the users wish to be a part of.

Facebook is diversifying its technique in such an indispensable way that despite thousands of social media apps, it stands out proudly. Facebook’s Events app is a step towards reconnecting people. The standalone Events app is another addition to it. People can hoard memories by keeping a track of their favorite events, making more friends and so spreading the network widely.

Not only does the app is helpful for the users in attending events. It is also acting as a business hub for the promoters who can post their ads on the app and spread the news with News feed ads.

Events app is easy to use. All you have to do is launch the Facebook Events app, this will display the RSVP’s and the invitations of several events of that particular date. You’ll find the recommended events feed by Facebook as you scroll down that would depend on upon the events visited by or showing the interest of your relatives and friends, the pages liked, location or some other factors.

The Search Tab helps in browsing the most happening events of that day, or even the weekend. Also, you can search the events with the specification of time, day or date. The map in the Search tab lets you move around to manage your preferred locations and events. Then the Calendar app lets you sync your appointments with Facebook Events app for better time management.

Although Facebook has been accused of detaching today’s generation from the realities of practical life but with apps like this, it is actually helping us reconnect to the world.

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