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Facebook Testing A Clone of SnapChat Stories, “Messenger Day”

Facebook has a long track record of trying to imitate the main features and main appeal of Snapchat. Instagram stories is also an attempt of cloning Snapchat’s features, which is owned by Facebook and is doing a pretty excellent job at it. Over the last several years Facebook has been through some failed attempts but is not giving up, however.

Nearly two months ago Instagram Stories rolled out; now Facebook is testing another similar mobile storytelling format inside its old “Messenger” app. The company has quietly rolled out another effort of Facebook called “Messenger Day,” which lets users post videos and photos with filters. Each image displayed up to 10 seconds. After 24 hours the feeds disappear, just like Snapchat pioneered of “My Stories” back in 2014.


Users can also access hundreds of stickers and categorized into “I am feeling,” “I am doing,” and “Who’s up for?” every feature have colorful filters like “so blue,” “road trip” and “study time.” This feature allows people to share visually captivating images even if they are not great artists or exceptionally creative. These prompts could also be motivating the usage when people are bored, precipitate their imagination.

So far, according to the company Poland is a country where Snapchat isn’t nearly as popular as in other regions. Unlike Snapchat, Messenger does have a symbolic foothold in Poland.

According to Facebook, this is only a small test, and it may or may not come to other areas:

We know that people come to Messenger to share everyday moments with friends and family. In Poland, we are running a small test of new ways for people to share those updates visually. We have nothing more to announce at this time.

Franciszek Georgiew, the founder at Poland-based social media agency Social Tigers, shared his opinion on Messenger’s new feature called “Messenger Day:

The user interface is unfortunate, on every level, it is nothing like Instagram Stories. I think Facebook is trying to hijack some Snapchat users with both Messenger and Instagram stories to stop the growth of the application. Just take a look at the stickers, it is 100 percent targeted to younger demographics full of colors, big, noisy, really invasive.

Messenger Day might mot tempt many people from SnapChat, but Facebook could restrict its competitor’s growth by dashing to bring its stories to the unacknowledged corner of the earth.

Do tell us in the comment section what do you think of Messenger Day?

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