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Facebook Takes On E-Commerce With Marketplace

Facebook, the social media giant announced the launch of “Facebook Marketplace” on 3rd October, 2016. Previously, buying and selling was done on “buy-and-sell” groups made by random people. “Facebook Marketplace” will be a prominent feature which will allows the users to easily buy and sell a wide range of products such as electronics, furniture, jewelry, artworks, cars and household items.

Initially, “Facebook Marketplace” will be available for users above the age of 18 in the U.S., Australia, U.K. and New Zealand. The marketplace services will be available both on the desktop site and mobile app. Experts are calling it an attempt of Facebook to take over Craigslist and e-bay.

Currently marketplace can be accessed by tapping the shopping bag icon at the bottom of the updated Facebook app. Facebook might not need much effort to promote this feature. Thanks to its 1.7 billion person strong user base. Facebook said the success of buying and selling “Groups” on Facebook is the reason which led them to add this feature in the app. As per Facebook, almost 450 million users visit Groups listed under the “Buy-and-Sell” category each month. Using “Facebook Marketplace” is absolutely free for both buyers and sellers.

Following is what Bowen Pan, the Facebook product manager had to say about “Marketplace”: “Marketplace is a single destination where people can discover, buy and sell things in their neighbourhood and community, the feature will also surface the most relevant items when we don’t know what we’re looking for. It’s designed for people, not big businesses.”


Marketplace is made for individual users and not businesses. Businesses currently may use the Pages for that purpose. The items posted under the Marketplace can appear the news feed and can also be posted within profiles, groups and pages. Users can type the name of the product in the search bar to search for a specific product. Searches can also be filtered by category, location and price.


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