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What The Hell Does This Purple Bird Mean?


Have you noticed a purple bird GIF appearing in Facebook comments lately? The bird, throwing its head up and down, has been appearing everywhere and has been a huge pain in the a** for Facebook page admins!

This set of stickers was created by illustrator Syd Weller and consists of several images, static and animated, showing a purple dove doing all sorts of activities.

The recent popularity of “Trash Doves” on Facebook is basically because one of the animated stickers consisting of a dove shaking its head frantically.

It got famous after a Thai Facebook page made a video of this bird dancing off with an animated cat. The video gathered almost 4 Million+ views.

After exploding in Thailand media, the illustrator personally posted a thank you message on her Facebook page.

“Hello Thailand, thank you all so so much for your support. I’m really glad that you like the stickers.”

Seems like this bird is next big thing after Salt Bae this year. If you haven’t seen it yet, fear not. You’ll soon be meeting it in the comments section of your Facebook profile.

Here, enjoy these Trash Dove videos.


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