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Facebook Introduces Live Streaming Audio Service

Recently, Facebook added a new service which allows live video and audio streaming through the social network, and people viewing this content can interact with the sender through real-time feedback or messages. Now, to complement this service, the company began deploying its live audio service called Facebook Live Audio.

The possibility of making broadcasts via Facebook Live Audio is currently available for different media and profiles such as BBC World Service etc. Next year, the company plans to open the live streaming service to more media and people.

The idea behind Facebook Live Audio is that you can tell stories or read books through these broadcasts. However, this could also become a kind of radio service and would change the picture of these services a bit. For example, SoundCloud might do something similar.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook Live Audio applications include radio programs, audio podcasts, live book reads, celebrity inquiries and responses, live audio streams from disaster areas with little connectivity, and concert and Study sessions of musicians.

On the other hand, Facebook also states that this service is born from the need to reach new audiences who do not have good data connectivity to receive a video streaming service in good quality and without interruptions.

The Facebook Live Audio service is available for Android and iOS for the moment. Android users will be able to listen to the audio in the background while using another application and even when the computer is locked, while Facebook Live Audio users for iOS will only be able to do so while browsing within the Facebook application. That is, if they leave the application or lock the device, the transmission will stop.

In the official statement on the Facebook blog, it is indicated that Live Audio is one of the features that has been demanded by the users themselves to improve their experience of Facebook Live. Content creators who chose audio as a means to reach their audience have to place still images in a video broadcast in many cases. At times, the bandwidth of the internet connection limited the live communication for many users. This problem will be solved with this new functionality.

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