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Facebook Introduces New ‘Group Payment’ feature In Messenger

Facebook has almost covered all aspects of online services for years now. The only service that it was not providing was an easy-to-use Payment Method, despite collecting and storing payment data of its various users. However, the announcement of Group Payment feature has filled this space.

Earlier in 2015 Facebook introduced the person-t-person payment option in the messenger, which was a blessing for many of us. Today, however, the company has upgraded the service and now Group Payments have been made possible through this feature.  This feature works exactly in the same way as it worked in the individual chats however now you have the option to either select payment method for an individual or for a group.  All you have to do is click on the $ sign to make your payment.

Location of the Group Payment icon

The payment icon appears after you click on the + sign located in the bottom-left corner of the individual or group conversation. It’s where you have other features stacked in like, location sharing, ride requests, gaming etc. in a scrollable UI that was introduced earlier this month with the Messenger assistant, M.

According to Facebook, for a group that would be inclined towards sharing a food bill or shopping for gifts, this feature would prove quite handy. Because usually conversations like these usually make use of standalone payment facilities like Square Cash, Venmo or PayPal. Payments can be sent to the members of groups and Payment requests can be made within the chat.

How does it work?

You will be entering the total amount and requesting or evenly dividing the sum on all the members, with you included or not. You can also add a small note about what the money is for, for instance, a wedding gift or pizza party. Click on the ‘Request” button to send it to all the members. The chat will show a message indicating who has paid the money. The Request details can also be viewed on full-screen. This is password-free and free of cost service.

Where is it working?

From today, the Group Payment service on the Messenger will be available in the United States on desktop and Android.

Facebook, however, has been making sure that its purpose behind this service is not to build a payment business, but to excel in the only service area, where Facebook was lagging behind its competitors like WeChat and SnapChat.

The addition of the Group Payment features comes as a surprise at a time when the news of Facebook aiming for the unveiling of a digital Payment Business through WhatsApp across India is in the hype.




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