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Facebook At Work Is No More A Dream Now

It’s been observed that most of the employees want to socialize even during the office time but are not allowed. Facebook has planned to launch Facebook at Work just to make your work as addictive as socializing. And a source close to Facebook confirmed its Facebook at Work launch next month.

After almost two years of development, Facebook at Work is coming soon for commercial use for its in-house communication platforms and social networks for the companies. As per the report of “The Information,” Facebook at Work on per user pricing model will be launched next month.

Facebook At Work Is No More A Dream Now

Although, its exact cost has not been disclosed yet, but several people informed that companies of any size would be able to sign up for Facebook at Work through social network’s main site. Furthermore, companies would be given the opportunity to try this service without getting charged for few months. With more than 5 million users, the executives are hoping Facebook at Work will offer considerable revenue as compared to the advertisement in the core product.

Facebook at Work can be profitable for Facebook for getting every member of the company signed up, from the executives to the assistants. And if it does not stick, the companies do not have to pay for the empty seats.

The subscriber of Facebook at Work would be able to use the special feature “Work Feed” of posts from the colleagues in order to share ideas and assume tasks. It will also offer Groups like Messenger including video and audio calling options to compete with Skype and Slack. Plus, it also provides social network’s profiles, Events, and Live Video features.

Facebook At Work Is No More A Dream Now

The biggest strength of Facebook at Work will be its familiarity since people already have a login, password and they know how to use it so it ought to find on-boarding users easier as compared to SaaS (software as a service) tools. The quick registration will definitely help it leapfrog competitors who are often considered confusing or foreign compared to the consumer software. Employees can generate totally separate accounts for business if customers prefer it for the security purposes.

Diversifying the revenue streams beyond its advertising could help Facebook increase its bottom line without losing its users in the marketing.

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