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F1 to F12: Function Key Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Function keys are aligned at the top of our keyboard and many users have never used them. But what do the so-called function keys really serve? A correct definition for these keys would be that they are programmable keys that allow certain programs to assign certain actions. But repeated use of a particular action in certain programs has made some function keys standard for the vast majority of programs (e.g. F1 is mostly used to access “Help”) The function of each of these keys is determined by the operating system or the application in which it is running.

Some of these keys are already programmed at the start of the operating system.  In practical terms, they are used as quick commands or shortcuts to perform a predetermined actions. These keys can generate a short sequence of characters, (ASCII), or send a sequence of characters that is interpreted by the operating system or some programs to start routines or predetermined tasks.

Following infographic show the functions which these keys perform:


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