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Dual-Screen MacBook Pro Is About To Be Launched

Apple blog “MacRumors” has reported that a new high-end Apple laptop is going to be launched in this month. Apple is going to introduce Dual-Screen MacBook Pro that sits above its keyboard. It is believed to come with a second, touch sensitive screen.

The technology company, Cupertino is finalizing the operating system software officially known as OS X which will go with the hardware. Barring any issue, it ought to be ready to be launched within a month, ahead of the holiday season.

Apple has significantly revamped the MacBook line while making its device slimmer, creating the metal casing, and removing its ports, but it has not made any drastic change to its earlier MacBook Pro line in past years except internal up gradation.

As per the reports, rumors, and the leaked images of the Dual-Screen MacBook Pro it is believed to be a great breakthrough from its traditional MacBookPro  line. It is assumed that the function keys would be replaced at the top of the keyboard with a touch-sensitive screen. It would perform the same functions to the physical keys it replaces. It may also be customizable with some shortcut features and apps.

Dual-Screen MacBook Pro Is About To Launch

Apple is going to launch two sizes just like other models,  a 13-inch, and a 15-inch model. The later would be more expensive. Both the models will be thinner as compared to the current MacBook Pros.

Just like the new MacBook, it will also use USB-C port for its changing in place of a magnetic MagSafe connection which is functional in the current devices. According to the reports, TouchID will allow its users will use their fingers to unlock it through their fingerprints.

As we know that Apple has never discussed any unannounced product before its launch, so any confirmation or denial is not expected from the company.

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