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How To Download Torrent Files

Ever since the arrival of Netflix, the importance of Torrent has been, somewhat, diminished, but I must accept that those who wish to have cost-effective entertainment; free movies and seasons they still opt for downloading from Torrent. Common the topic as it is, I assume that there might be some older ladies out there who would need some assistance in this matter. So let’s tuck in,

the pirates bay torrent

1: Look for a Torrent Tracker Site

There are some selective sites out there which provide torrent files. Some are trusted one’s some are not. I, for the sake of quality and security, go for YTS when in the mood of watching a movie and KickAss Torrents for seasons. And then there is always The Pirates Bay at your service. Currently, 2 types of torrent trackers are there.

  1. Private trackers, which demand invites, unless you get an invite for these sites by another member, they are not accessible. Such sites are conditions based where you are required to comply with them, like sharing an equal amount of downloaded data. There is a very little possibility that such sites would result in desists and cease letters of the copyrighters.
  2. Then there are Public trackers which are accessible by all. These pop up immediately as you browse torrent trackers. As they are open to everyone, numerous copyright holders might hunt them down and the downloading consequences might be in the form of an action from the service provider.

browse the track file

2: Browse your file

Most top notch trackers have almost all the games, albums, movies or seasons available. All you got to do is, use the shorthand form of what you are looking for. For instance, Flash s02e05.

the file with most seeders

3: Download the Torrent With Most Seeders

A torrent user holding entire files for downloading is known as a seeder. The number of seeders determines the downloading speed of the torrent.

You are supposed to search for a file having the most number of seeders. This certifies a better downloading speed and fewer chances of it being corrupt, infected with viruses or fake.

Then there are leechers. Leechers are the members who are downloading the same file that you are about to download. They are defiantly going to impose some kind of effect on your downloading speed and once their download is completed, they become seeders. The acceding amount of leechers as compared to seeders slows down your bandwidth and hence you get a low downloading speed.

torrent file with good size

4: Select a Torrent that has a good size

The less the size of the file the lower is going to be its sound and video quality. So go for a file with comprehensive size. Nonetheless, such files might take a bit longer to download.

magnet link is better

5: A Magnet Link would be better option

Downloading a magnet link proves that the link matches the content base with an exclusive identifier which can be accessed regardless of any central trackers. For a magnet line, a torrent file is not necessary to be downloaded.

make sure the content is running

6: Make sure that the content is runnable

Torrent transfers files of any type so there is a possibility that the file you have downloaded could be the one that your program does not support. Prior to downloading, do read the file encryption to ensure that you have the required program to run the file.

Other than a media player, VLC player runs almost all types of videos.

On the other hand, the ISO files require mounting or burning by a virtual driver before they are run.

fetch the content

Fetching the content:

  1. Download and install a torrent client e.g., BitTorrent protocol.
  2. Open the downloaded file which is usually some KBs in size. The Torrent Client usually automatically open the file into the protocol, if it does not then drag the, drag the torrent file and drop into the client window
  3. Give the file a downloading path.
  4. You may add more trackers to your torrent however it will affect your downloading speed.
  5. After the download is completed, the files can be accessed from the torrent and from the path they have been downloaded in. moving or deleting might result in the eradication of the file.
  6. Even if the file is completely downloaded, let it run in the background for the seeding might take additional time. This will not have any severe effect on your bandwidth data.
  7. Enjoy!

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