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How To Download Free YouTube Videos

You might come up with a number of reasons about why do you want to download the videos when live streaming is always at your hand. Your internet device might be running out of data and you desperately want to save the video for the future-data-saving purpose, your data connection is providing extremely slow speed and you are sick and tired of the every-now-and-then buffering and blah blah…Whatever fishy reasons you may come up with but the fact that ‘Downloading videos from YouTube is Not legal’ always overshadows them all!

I know… it’s not fair! But hey we are here to help you out in every possible way because we all are TechLoonies right? And awareness of every internet shortcut is what we feed upon. So, we have come up with a free way to download YouTube videos.

YouTube Videos Download for Computer: Clip Converter

YouTube only allows you to download the videos that you have uploaded. Downloading the videos of other people is strictly prohibited, however, if you are actually very much in the need of going for a download, and then there are plenty of third party software that can do the job.

Clip Converter is your all time solution provider to this query. Not only does it freely download videos from YouTube but also from MySpace, Metacafe, IMDB, Dailymotion and much more. It supports MP3 to WMVs, all the formats. Simple desktop versions and browser add-on for this is available for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Ads rarely pay a visit to it and yes it can be taken as a blessing for the YouTube video downloaders.

clip converter for youtube videos

Step 1: enter the desired YouTube video URL into the text field.

Step 2: Select the video format.

Step 3: select from the conversion options and click on Continue.

*No other buttons like ‘Play’ or ‘Download’ are to be clicked otherwise you might come across undesired spam browser extensions.

Step 4: Check the highest resolution for the video and name the video file in the below-placed text box.

Step 5: Click on the Start button at the bottom and let the conversion process start.

Step 6: Once the download is completed, click on the gray download button and save the file after you rename it.

Enjoy the videos while relaxing on your bed or couch, and do give us your feedback.


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