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How To Choose The Right 4X Game

4X game genre has captivated millions of gamers around the world who like to ‘eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate’ their strategy in a deeply complicated board game. As easy the term is to pronounce, there are 4X games that are not suitable for every player no matter how much interest he or she has for the renaissance history or space.

Here at TechLoonies, we have compiled some interesting recommendations to help you select the best 4X game, focusing on your interest.



Coming from Paradox and being the first grand strategic gameplay of its kind, Stellaris is set in space where the player gets to manage economic, political and military schemes of the space Empire.

For: This beauty is for those who have their heart in the historical grand strategy. The focus is intensely on the politics where the consent of the citizens and governmental reforms are given priority and hence those who have been playing traditional 4X games will take some time in developing an understanding of it.

Star Ruler 2 4X

Star Ruler 2

Flaunting about the in-depth planetary development and diplomacy system Star Ruler 2 is an RTS/4X hybrid game.

For: The game requires utmost expertise for its controls and holds a high rank on the scale of complexity. It majors in humongous animated battles waged in space and hence would prove the worth of your time.

Endless Space 4X

Endless Space

The game is set in the ancient era about an empire called ‘Endless’. It is strewn with myths and leaves a magical effect on the player.

For: It is for the beginners of space 4X and has much room for those having an urge to disclose the mysterious aspects of the galaxy. It’s now available for beans as well.

Europa Universalis IV 4X

Europa Universalis IV

EU4 is all about a detailed regeneration of earth from years 1444 to 1821. The player has to lead any chosen nation through centuries of technological discoveries, exploration, and colonization.

For: The mass of the interlocking system and intricacy of the simulation for war, diplomacy and trade might be a bit daunting for the new players considering its the grand 4X strategy. However, the tooltips and interface of the EU4 certainly let the player have a worth having hands-on experience.

Warlock II: The Exiled 4X

Warlock II: The Exiled

Warlock is a well-planned fantasy overhaul of a Civilization, which uses the neutral section on its map.

For: Its simplistic devotion to genre norm is a distinction compared to other subgenres. The witty action and well-developed sense of humor set it apart from other much darker games like Fallen Enchantress and Endless Legend.

Master of Orion 4X

Master of Orion

The series’ new games do not offer much novelty however it presents the old hit in a newer way accompanied by some famous talented sci-fi voice.

For: Utter newbies would definitely want to start with it because of its standard graphics and traditional style.

Galactic Civilizations III 4X

Galactic Civilizations III

Another hit for the space-battle 4X lovers, this game leaves every other 4X behind with its extravagant storyline and playing tactics.

For: Unlike other cookie-cutting winning terms, this game’s victories have been objectified, which the player can collect and choose from.

So go for the game that arouses your interest and do share your feedback!

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