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CanvasPop Is Going To Convert Your Prisma Photos Into Wall Art

Prisma, the photo filter app launched this summer, racked up almost 55 million downloads in just a few weeks and sparked the rush of all other photo filter apps which promise to change your selfies into wall art.

But do you think Prisma can make your photos hang on your wall? Or it is just a blend of different colors which is just good for the virtual appreciation?

CanvasPop has just spotted what it expects will be productive chance to monetize this sudden glut of creative selfies, all appearing on Instagram and other social networks. CanvasPop helps its users to turn their photos into canvases which they can hang on their walls.

It also offers its service to print Facebook and Instagram pictures while hoping trendy filters of Prisma spark a run of the new orders. Techcrunch reported Adrian Salamunovic saying that “this summer it began seeing hundreds of orders coming in with a painterly effect that it was quickly able to attribute to the Prisma app.”

CanvasPop Is Going To Convert Your Prisma Photos Into Wall Art

He also tells that they are in discussion with Prisma about the integration of CanvasPop API with Android and IOS apps.

The Prisma users who want to change their artwork into wall art required to the website of CanvasPop and downloaded it from the Prisma Section.

The canvas has a light sheen to it, and one teeny printing imperfection on the black hair of brunette, but there was nothing which could be easily fixed with the sharpie. CanvasPop offers many sizes for printing the art photo.

Salamunovic says, “We specialize in printing low-resolution images in large format. We’ve been doing it since 2009, the early days of iPhone 3 images and then Instagram. We were the first company to print Instagram images large format.”

CanvasPop cost varies and depends on the size you choose. Either you ask for a rolled print, fancy framing like wooden edges, etc. It also offers framed prints.

Are you going to try CanvasPop printing services? If yes, then click here.


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