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BlackBerry Will Stop Designing Phone

It’s official now the Canadian company BlackBerry Ltd. who invented the smartphone and addicted knight of the roads to the “CrackBerry,” has stopped making handsets. After 14 years of making handsets. BlackBerry is shutting down its phone business

An era is about to end. BlackBerry, a name once synonymous with high-end smartphones and device of choice for professionals, providing access to emails on the move, will no longer make mobile devices. BlackBerry has struggled to keep up with competition from rivals Samsung and Apple as mobile users increasingly opted for touchscreens.

The company’s executive chairman and chief executive, John Chen,  said: “We are focusing on the development of software, including applications and security. The company intent to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to associate. This permits the company to cut capital necessity and enhance return on invested capital.”

If we talk about the smartphone business, it’s been a very steady and extended decline for the BlackBerry, which administers one-fifth of the phone market in 2009. For years, the company has set the stage for the break-up of its smartphone business. It undertook after the first few iPhone releases when the company remained enact to the small keyboards even after touchscreens became conventional. This goes to manifest you how fast technology changes, and you might get left in the dust if you are resistant to change.

sale of blackberry from 2004 to 2016

The company tries to catch-up with the touchscreen boom, in doing so it diversified away from its physical keyboard with the launch of the “Z10 handset,” bit abandoning its unique selling point was a bad idea.

BlackBerry devotee will no doubt be devastated by the news, but Ernest Doku, the mobiles expert, said: “the company just made too many mistakes.” But not to worry we will still see the BlackBerry brand on mobile devices, they just won’t be built or designed by the Canadian company.

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