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BlackBerry Is Back With A New Bet: Thanks to TCL

In a large suite adorned with the logo of BlackBerry in Las Vegas. There were podiums in the suite near the window displaying the phones of BlackBerry.

Few executives are showing the devices while one of them taps the remote and there is BlackBerry poster displayed on the window, hawking a new phone.

But, don’t we know that BlackBerry has stopped the manufacturing of BlackBerry. Then what is this?

Actually, this is not the BlackBerry Company. It is TCL, a china-based company. This company is known for manufacturing the budget televisions which are found at Walmart and Costco. At the CES showing off the devices of the week, TCL included a prototype of the BlackBerry which was referred to as Mercury, But BlackBerry is back with a new bet. Again.

For the few diehards of BlackBerry, this is the chance to stick with their adored brand. TCL decided to take over BlackBerry last year shows a reprieve for the struggling brand that continuously challenges the chances through their constant existence.

BlackBerry failed to resonate with the customers who are captivated by smartphones of Samsung and iPhone for three years.

According to the market researcher, the market share of BlackBerry decreased to a fraction of a percent. This is sad to consider BlackBerry on a fifth number in the market, just behind the Nokia.

What do you think? Is it a suicide mission for the TCL?

TCL believes that it can succeed where BlackBerry failed. The Alcatel unit of TCL has a relationship with this company; it was considered a silent partner that built BlackBerry DTEK60 and DTEK50 phones.

According to Avi Grengart, a market researcher, “They are making a tremendously risky bet, but they’re not going into this blind.”

TCL has planned to lean on their relationship with the carrier which has fostered over three last years, a problem that BlackBerry struggled with as it dealt the limited distribution.

Ramon Llamas, a market analyst at the IDC, said, “Given the overall trajectory BlackBerry has had in recent years, don’t count on this being an overnight success. There are a lot of moving parts to this, and it could take months or even into 2018 to see some results.”

The coming CES will share more updates and details about the new BlackBerry phones.


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