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Best PC Games of 2016

Hello everyone! Previously I entertained you all with the best games for android for the month of September; today I’ll be sharing some of the best PC games that are gamers’ favorite for the year 2016. But before I let you dive in the ocean of most played games this year so far, I find it crucial to tell you that the game choice incorporates only those games that are trending. These games if not up-to-par, still certainly are fun to play. If you find any of the game not worth adding to the list, you are most welcome to give in a civil feedback!


1. Overwatch

This game here is as addictive as Team Fortress 2 proved to be. It has shifting classes and characters and you get to choose from the 4 roles of Offence, Defense, Tank, and Support. Offense heroes engage in fights and finishes off the enemy and Defense heroes have your back by interrupting the attacks and invigorating the positions. On the other hand, Tank heroes take the responsibility of breaching the defense of the enemies and taper the blockages. The Support heroes provide protection and vigor by shielding and healing.


2. Doom

Reinventing the 1993 flick was not an easy job to do for Bethesda but somehow it has succeeded in becoming one of the best games of the shooting genre. It’ not the game only that is alluring, the background score is one amazing too.  The game has open-ended levels which the player crosses by playing the anonymous marine cope, battling your way through with the demons from hell, on Mars. This game comes with a level editor; SnapMap, and online multiplayer support.


3. Batman: Arkham City

If you’re a DC fan you are definitely up for this one. Those who cherished playing Batman: Arkham Asylum will love to play this one here. Although this game comes with less innovation from the previous version, yet it has all that fun and thrilling spectacle that Batman’s stories are known to have.  This is a remastered version that enables the player to play with the first two Batman titles coupled with all the supplementary downloadable content and Game of the Year editions.


4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

This very game belongs to the top ranking RPG shooting genre at present and shows the return of Adam Jensen from the preceding game Human Revolution, Mankind Divided. The game facilitates the player to use the skills of social interaction, hacking, stealth, and tackling. Some of the novel features of the game are TESLA arcs, remote hacking, fly gun customization and Icarus dash.


5. Far Cry Primal

Being a Stone Age admirer, I, personally, like this game. The developer of the game; Ubisoft, has shifted its focus from the political charades to the visuals and features of the game. The player gets to be a Stone Age hunter, securing shelter for his people who belong to the prehistoric tribe Wenja from Oros. Beast allies and scuffled fights make the expeditions much engaging and personal than ever before. However, this game does not include melodramatic villains or eccentric nemesis.

I’ll be sending off more updates your way to make your gaming experience better and refined! Till then stay connected!



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