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Best Gaming Mouse Pads for the Gamers out there!

Okay here is the thing, what is the most crucial device that comes to your mind when you think of an ultimate gaming battleground? Keyboards? Checked! Vibrating headphones? Checked! High-resolution displays? Checked! What’s missing here is a nice easy-to-use mouse pad.
Mouse pads, although, underestimated for their meager presence and value, have an important role to play when it comes to gaming. I mean what’s the point of challenging your friend to a gaming battle when your mouse keeps sticking at the most crucial stage in the game?

To be honest, if there is anything that disgusts me more than the blood bathed zombie movies that is a greasy, dirt-stained, jerky mouse pad. But no need to make sad faces anymore, I, here at TechLoonies, have compiled a list of some of the most groundbreaking and user-friendly mouse pads in the history of gaming. Have a look,

Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

The Finest Fabric Mouse pad: Roccat Taito Control

The soft cloth material and wide 15”.7 x 12.6” size of Roccat Taito gives it a slight more edge as compared to other pads out in the market. It’s heavier and thicker providing more durability and comfort in use. Despite the fact that it has a very smooth surface, it comes with a little rough edge that does not let you compromise on your speed. The only issue with it that my research could reveal to me was the subtle noises produced due to intense mouse movement. You can get it for $14.99 Amazon.

ROCCAT TAITO Control Gaming Mouse Pad

The Premium Hard Mouse Pad: Logitech G440

Speed comes with the precision of a hard surface and this is what is offered by Logitech G440. A PC Gamer requires that slick and plain surface that does not come in between their favorite moves like cool attacks. This modern mouse pad is best suitable for the high-tech games like MOBA or DOTA. At the first glance, the polyethylene surface looks nonporous, but a closer examination reveals that it is composed of micro-textures; providing slithering resistance. The rubber base, on the other hand, gives a resisting ground to the pad. The only drawback of this pad is that it is expensive, available at the Amazon for $29.99.

Corsair Gaming MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad

The Huge Mouse Pad: Corsair MM300 Extended

I saved the best for the last for you (you can thank me later) so this is the biggest modern mouse pad ever, that has a room for the entire keyboard as well (Yeah! you read correctly!). This majestic pad has a 3mm non-fraying and non-slippery rubber based thickness that gives a smooth and stable experience to the gamer. Its surface is butter-smooth and over 3 feet lengthy; its over sized surface saves time by saving the trouble of lifting the mouse again and again. This gem here costs $26.69 at Amazon.

I hope this info fills your gaming appetite for the time being until a new tech-monster comes your way. Keep a lookout for more at TechLoonies! smile

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Ahmad Hassan

You forgot to add Razer Mouse pads. http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-mouse-mats

Alexander Wilde

There may be a lot many pads out there in the market but I don’t think that all the good ones can be highlighted in a single article. A good write up putting forward some of the real gems. Molto bene. 🙂


Feels like. I found an answer. Thanks to this. <3

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